New Business Management System Solution

We’re finding it hard to keep quiet about our new offering which is in the pipeline!

Keeping secrets is always a challenge but there is no harm in letting you in on a little bit of exciting news we are struggling to contain. What we can tell you is that a Business Management System that will drive your business to achieve it’s goals is just within your reach. Currently in final phase is “BackboneBMS” (check the company out in our Portfolio) – an exciting project that assists in developing, documenting & implementing management systems for Business Processes, Business Disciplines and Business Forms with a focus on the achievement of corporate goals and continuous improvement.
Website Launching Soon

Stay tuned for launch date or get in touch to hear more about this exciting venture!

Facebook vs Website

While there are a few success stories of businesses who have foregone a website in favour of using Facebook, in reality this is quite rare.

It’s very unlikely that potential customers will simply stumble across your Facebook page through a search engine. Generally, they need to either know your Facebook address or find it virally, such as via Facebook itself.

With a website, potential customers don’t have to search for YOU; they only need to search for WHAT YOU DO.

A website can be optimised for search engines, meaning that on a website you can write your own page titles and page descriptions, control the page design and submit a sitemap to search engines. None of this is possible on your Facebook page.

Facebook certainly offers a great way to communicate directly with current and potential customers, but that is its main purpose. A website offers that and much, much more thus you should consider using Facebook to compliment your website when planning your online marketing strategy.

5 questions business owners should know the answers to

Many times when start-ups or even businesses that have been operating for awhile get asked some relatively simple questions to which you would assume they would know the answer to.  Could this be the business owner’s fault, their advisors or even the business they are in?  Usually this is an indicator that the business does not have vision or clarity in its plan to achieve success.

Marc Peskett throws out the 5 questions business owners should know the answers to in order to try and achieve business success.  Read it here.

Olympic Fever




After months of hard Caudo Vineyard have finally completed setting up our orange packing facility. As we can not sell our oranges for an reasonable price Caudo Vineyard is donating its entire 65 ton crop of navels to Foodbank SA to help families in need and children that go to school with out lunch each day. At current market price this is equivilent to $65,000 dollars of fruit not including labour, transport and set up costs. Lots of time and effort has gone into this project, please show your appreciation by liking the Caudo Vineyard Facebook page.


6000 dESIGN



6000 dESIGN is Perth based styling company for all things DESIGN!!! Check out the Blog page on Facebook with design inspirations and things you will love! Recently the creative genius behind the brand Sammy Tatulli completed another amazing style shoot for Scoop Magazine. This style blog is the cream of the crop and serves up multiple posts every day about interior design, art, style and general gems! BSP is excited to get collaborating on the upcoming website design which will also reflect the unique, creative view of 6000.




Styleaid 2012

Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique together with Natasha Walker Mobile Hairdresser will show their support for the a WA AIDS Council (a non-profit organisation) who will be turning the focus inward to celebrate the 15th birthday of its most successful fundraiser, Styleaid. The beautiful girls at the forefront of these businesses are sharing their organic expertise with a lot of brown berries gearing up to strut their stuff on the Catwalk this weekend. Check out the must have organic product used by the girls Eco Tan… “Don’t bake it, fake it.”

Coke Olympics, Beat 2012 – Mark Ronson

Superstar producer Mark Ronson made headlines working with artists from Jay-Z to Amy Winehouse. Now a celebrity in his own right, Mark was voted the most stylish man in the UK by GQ magazine, and has produced some of the world’s most popular tracks. His previous hits cross genres, including vintage, polished pop, and even punk rock. His latest project sent him around the globe to record athletes in training for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The sounds of their sports, mixed with Katy B’s vocals, became “Anywhere In The World.” It’s Coca-Cola’s® Anthem for the Olympic Games. A beat the whole world can move to.

Coke Olympics, ‘Beat 2012 Documentary’ from Somesuch & Co. on Vimeo.

Get Paid with BSP Referral Rewards

Make money easily and get paid to recommend our services to prospective clients!

Send us a new project and you can earn commission ie: 1 successful referral = $25 payment 10 = $250… unlimited cash earning potential. You can take advantage of this offer and recommend us as much as you want! The more you refer us, the more you earn!

If you know a friend or colleague that needs a website, some graphic design, or other BSP service we will pay you for successfully referring them to us

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Read more about this offer plus the terms & conditions here.


Imagination Migration

A mural created by Chris Nixon in Karratha 2011 – this video documents the installation process. Set to a marine theme the work explores the migratory patterns of the Pilbara’s marine life, ignited by a central character Inkan. Inkan acts as a catalyst for change amplifying the sea creatures characteristics, leading the imagination migration. The installation took 8 days and nights and used over 40L of acrylic paint.

Imagination Migration from Chris Nixon on Vimeo.

Case Study of the London Riots

The recent London riots’ has sparked interesting discussions in social media. This case study shows how social media and smartphones helped to proliferate mass crime on various streets of the city.

Social media served as media coverage of the rioting on the streets. It was the key to forming and shaping opinions and discussions by the general public. The riots didn’t reflect the wider community opinion of dissent on Twitter and Facebook.

Driven by the need to belong and be significant these seemingly random riots continued.  For Blackberry, it was a disaster for their brand with Blackberry Messenger (BBM) becoming a key tool for rioters to organize, communicate and distribute anonymously and discretely within groups.

As quickly as these riots took place over social media, so did mobilizing a cleanup afterwards. With no trust in the ability of centralized authority to either protect or clean up the community, Londoner’s turned to social media to spread the news.


Mobile Web?

Mobile devices have a few important attributes; they are always on, always carried and always personal to an individual. This is unlike any other communications device.

In the not so distant future we can see 50% of the developed world owning a “smartphone”. Because of the availability and accessibility of the web on mobile, the development of services will continue to be led by the youth market.

This will result in an acceleration of emerging platforms, which facilitate the need for information sharing and commercial use for all types of experiences.

Youth are discovering mobile services and devices that offer them a way to extend the real life behaviours of connection and sharing with those around them. The sense of ownership and identity that accompany a mobile phone empower the consumer, and allows them to become increasingly connected and informed, providing them with a sense of experience and independence.

Marketing Teens

Tips for targeting teens taken from

1.    Understand their motivations

Young people make decisions and develop brand loyalty based on the following:

  • The need for independence and power
  • The need for approval from their parents
  • A desire to have fun

2.    Instant gratification will get their attention

The youth of today has grown up in the era of technology and a large proportion have grown up with the Internet available to them. Consider their attitudes when planning your campaign with offering instant rewards relevant to their interests.

3.    Simplicity is the Key

Marketing delivered on mobiles are competing with a variety of other marketing messages being sent to your targets in different forms. Ensuring that your message is simple will help it to cut through the noise and make it more likely to have an impact.

4.    It is ALL about the cost

Young people are concerned about cost and they prioritise spending based on what motivates them.

5.    Keep the message in line with current trends

Youth culture changes almost as fast as technology. The line between hip and so-last-week is a fine one, and companies who are not intimately in the know when it comes to what’s currently capturing their audiences’ attention will find themselves on the wrong side of cool.