Document Management Systems

BackboneBMS Document Management System is a complete digital filing cabinet.

Files of any format can be uploaded, organized, and shared while access is controlled with a complete permissions system.

This system is web-based, open source DMS written in PHP program language. It features:

  • Web based access,
  • Permission based control of access to files with change tracking
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface.
  • All Documents/Files in one place
  • Storage for an unlimited number of documents
  • Documents can be easily uploaded, managed, secured, and shared
  • Supports Mass Importation of Documents
  • Login required to access, manage, and download documents
  • The permissions system includes user, group, and everyone permissions
  • User, document, and folder auditing
  • Version Control – Old versions will be stored and can be accessed if need be
  • Web & Cloud based therefore redundancy ensured

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