Infinite WP: Log in once and for all!

If there one thing we know you all hate whiles browsing online, its logging and logging out.  There is a way of solving this little but taxing issue and that is by using ‘Infinite WP’.

What is Infinite WP? 

Infinite WP is your way of logging in just once to open up all of your WordPress dashboards. Yes, you heard right! Enter your login id and pass word just once and watch how you can attain access to all your WordPress dashboards on the same screen and in the same frame.

Infinite WP is a self hosted platform.

It’s also not just about logging in.  You can use their additional plugins to use things like backups, Google Analytics and much much more using their add-ons.

Save time: 

With an Infinite WP account you can save yourself all the time you would have otherwise used in logging in and logging out to switch from one account of WordPress to another.  Use your time more productively now.

Update all:

Infinite WP features an ‘Update all’ button. This facility allows you to sync your updates to all your WordPress accounts so that you don’t have to log into each site manually and update the site. An all round update is just a button away.

It’s time to back up a bit

Infinite WP also offers you a way of creating a back up for your WordPress installs, which we have used extensively. This way your content stays safe and you will always have it secured. Check out the Back up section of their site to know more about how one is created, deleted and restored. You can also download your back up as and when you require it.  They also now have an add on that can allow you to duplicate a site easily and efficiently without having to worry about that pesky SQL modifications after the site is live.

Infinite WP just works.

Let unnecessary clicking get out of you way and make way for the future in quick and efficient networking.